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The Studio of David Inocenco/Minette Siegel creates magic with multi-media…MULTI-media as in many CHOICES of media…video, film, digital media, multi-image, web sites, speaker support, live entertainment, and sometimes all TOGETHER as components to large scale multi-media meetings and events.


Partners David Inocencio and Minette Siegel are designers, consultants, producers and directors of award winning audio-visual presentations for corporate and museum clients.

Across 20 years their work earned top honors from AMI -- the Association for Multi-Media International, as well as from the San Francisco Advertising Club's Visual Communications Showcase, and other regional and international film festivals.

David Inocencio and Minette Siegel were inducted into the "AMI Producers Hall of Fame" and were honored with AMI's International Relations Award, for helping to build bridges between various international multi-media organizations and festivals.


The Studio of David Inocencio/Minette Siegel is located in San Francisco, on Folsom Street, south of Market Street. The 3,500 square foot studio includes facilities for photography, video editing, graphic and asset design, rephotography and slide duplication, multi-image programming, as well as a screening/projection room for video and multi-image.

With David Inocencio's background in photography and design, and Minette Siegel's background in fine arts and communications, they head up and direct a talented and multi-disciplinary project team that can handle any media assignment.

The Studio of David Inocencio/Minette Siegel has built a reputation in certain "speciality" areas....

For MUSEUMS & Visitor Centers: They have designed and produced dozens of award-winning audio/visual documentaries for museum exhibitions and visitor centers. Their museum clients include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Smithsonian. The documentaries have covered diverse subject matter, from "The Horse Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci" to "David Hockney: A Retrospective" to "Mark Twain: A Life in Writing. Inocencio/Siegel also provide museums with audio/visual technical consultation, such as for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


For the TRAVEL INDUSTRY: Presented to audiences around the world, Inocencio/Siegel have created programs that promote airlines and destinations, such as for Thai Airways International, Qantas, Pacific Area Travel Association, and the Korea National Tourism Corporation.


For ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS, & CITY PLANNERS: Inocencio/Siegel have created videos that document the evolution of individual building projects, such as for Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill and The Embarcadero Center, and the transformation of entire city blocks, such as for the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency.


For MEETINGS & SPECIAL EVENTS: Inocencio/Siegel (and their staging partners) direct and produce large-scale multi-media events, such as fashion shows and annual meetings for Dockers; awards banquets for Robert Half International; fund-raising galas for the University of California Berkeley; and even the grand opening of the world's largest copper mine in Northern Chile, for BHP Minerals.


For the INTERNET: Aside from designing our own website, Inocencio/Siegel has designed web sites for The Executive Health Plan at the Menlo Medical Clinc; for Sweetreps (Rep for commerical artists); for Photocolony (showcase for photographer Morton Beebe; and for Applied Materials (an intranet show that played off of a Real Server, using SMIL and RealPix). The studio can program HTML 4.0, Flash, and Real Media.


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